Cora's Cupboard

Cora’s Cupboard:

 The pantry continues to feed several families during the summer.  We are open every Tuesday from 10 – noon.  In June we were open a total of 8 hours.  During that brief time we gave out food to 87 families!  Those families represented 76 children, 49 seniors and 84 adults.  The total number of clients was 209! We look forward to seeing our families, many we know well and we are always happy to see new families utilize the pantry.  We encourage them to have their neighbors in need to also come to the pantry.  Lower Cape Outreach Council recently gave me 100 gift cards valued at $20 each to distribute to our clients, so they can purchase some of the items we are unable to carry in the pantry.  What a blessing they have been!

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